Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{april showers}

A new season! For those of us here in the Bay Area who already live in perennial spring, this official change on the calendar is not much of a shock to the system. What does make this time of year different for us are the huge, fat, juicy raindrops which  end in May, then surrender to our long dry summer (minus the pesky marine layer which shrouds the city of San Francisco in a cold fog). 

Wellingtons are nothing new. The history of the Wellington boot is said to originate in the 18th century and is associated with Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington who ordered his shoemaker to produce a taller boot in calfskin. Variations throughout the years have included the addition of traction soles, waterproofing materials and whimsical prints and patterns along the shaft. 

Enter the newly acquired Hunter Boot Company.

Once a slew of starlets began sporting the Original Tall Gloss version at various puddle filled and muddy music festivals e.g., Cameron Diaz (Coachella), and Kate Moss (Isle of Wight) did the 'Wellie' craze really take off. Nowadays Jimmy Choo even offers a version worn by most famously (queen of the flying cell phone) Naomi Campbell.

What I love about my cranberry Hunter 'Kellen' boots (purchased at Nordstrom in November '11) is the advent of a brand new shape in traditional Wellies: the wedge heel. This little boost provides just the right amount of style and altogether eliminates that frumpy feeling of the Original Tall Gloss version. I also love the subtle 'H' seemingly carved into the shaft and the addition of a sculpted strap along the upper. The 'Kellen' is sold in a cool graphite, slick jet-black and brilliant marine.  I am partial to all things pink so the cranberry works best for me especially when paired with jeans or all black.

An essential item also sold at Nordstrom is the Hunter Boot Buffer. Anyone who owns a pair of Hunters is probably already familiar with that cloudy finish that appears on the outsole after a few wearings. By throwing down another 12 bucks (more or less) on this little bottle, then quickly giving your cool boots a light mist and a rigorous rubdown, you will restore the super high-gloss shine in no time (all with minimal elbow grease).


  1. I was wondering if you were going to share this find with your readers. Your wedge wellies caught my eye last weekend, but I was too shy to ask which season, which store... Now that I know, thanks for the tip on how to keep them glossy!

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for reading!