Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{la rouge (or bleu) balloon}

Did you ever read that story when you were young...The Red Balloon? 

I had the version by Albert Lamorisse which was a slick and shiny colorful picture book. 

The narrative here was of little Pascal and his enchanting best friend, The Red Balloon as they ramble through the streets of late 1960's Paris. All is grand and bright until...well (spoiler alert!) let's just say a gang of street thugs jacks the Red Balloon and an untimely death ensues. 

What I loved most about the picture book given to us by my mother was the absolute pure scarlet color and perfectly giant round shape of the balloon itself. 

This red balloon, (along with the glorious balloon bouquet at the end of the story which transports Pascal to a land where children & balloons can presumably live together undisturbed by delinquents), was just so enormous, so round and just so.....French!  

Where on earth could any ordinary person ever find the equivalent to LRB? Especially when drowning in a sea of Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob mylar?  

The answer?  
Geronimo Balloon Troopers

This Los Angeles based company produces gorgeous balloon bouquets complete with what they term: fancy fringe (colorful ribbons and adornment) for any occasion--weddings, birthdays or no reason at all. Or as an alternative, order just one (each single 36 inch balloon holds the equivalent helium of around 30 regular balloons), and have your own special La Rouge Balloon moment. www.geronimoballoons.com 

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