Sunday, March 25, 2012

{a buttery pink hairbrush}

The luxury of a Mason Pearson brush is well documented: the natural boar bristles which coax the most brilliant shine to the hair, the handmade ergonomic handle which keeps that space between your thumb and forefinger from feeling fatigued, and that recognizable salmon-colored rubber pad which provides the most lovely scalp message. 

The only drawback to the whole set-up is the dreary color of the full size brushes. That's why when I need to tame the frizzies, I love rooting through my bag and whipping out my lovely pink pocket size 'Child' CB4 model. This slab of buttery pink plastic is just the right size for everyday handbags and the color...well it just makes me happy and also happens to be the exact same shade as the similarly shaped bottle of Agent Provacateur resting on my vanity.

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