Monday, March 26, 2012

{'ol Blue Eyes}

Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, Robert Redford and...the Maverick, Tom Cruise. What do all of these celebrities have in common?

The Ray-Ban Aviator.

Is there any sunglass silhouette as iconic as the Aviator? Sure the Jackie O. is stiff competition and the Wayfarer is a close second but all in all, the Aviator just says..."cool". Hollywood lore dictates that the shape actually helps aid in the appearance of a more firm jaw line and higher cheekbones. It's no wonder they look good on everyone from classic film legends of the Gilded Age to the young badgirl-Lindsey Lohan's of today.

My new obsession: Ray Ban Aviators in gold frame with vintage inspired crystal sky-blue lenses.

Such a fresh and yummy combo!

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