Sunday, April 22, 2012

{safari syle}

Jokha leather flip flops

For me, one of the many pleasures of traveling is discovering regional style. Because of my job, I have been lucky enough to visit more than 50 countries and all seven continents. Throughout the years, friends have asked, "what is your favorite?" to which I reply without hesitation..."the African bush".  

Yes, Meryl Streep has had tremendous influence on my suitcase each time I pack for safari. I have been known to set off on a game drive in typical menswear inspired utilitarian khaki's, a camel colored cashmere wrap and a silk blend, sand-colored button down. Never did I take such a ribbing though as when I arrived at the campfire in a pair of soft, brown suede Rag & Bone booties complete with a (reasonable) 3.5" heel. The guides had a good laugh watching me teeter down the uneven path, looked me up and down and finally commented, "we have never seen this style of shoe..."

At the end of one trip a guide on my team presented me with a gift. When I opened it I was delighted to find the most gorgeous pair of beaded, leather, hand-stiched sandals. These shoes (along with the 3 other pairs I have purchased over the years) adorned with their intricately designed, brightly colored Maasai seed-beads, and their soft leather sole, have the ability to mold to every contour of my foot. Not only do they serve as a terrific souvenir, they also offer at least one feature my last safari shoes did not: a ton of comfort without a bit of ridicule.

{Safari sandals are now being sold at Anthropologie, Gap and the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi}.

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