Monday, May 14, 2012

{Jamaican coffee break}

My cohabitant was born in Jamaica. When we first started dating he regaled me with stories of his youth spent in Kingston. Of all his memories, I am convinced that his drinking coffee 'the Jamaican way' is the most vivid. Roasted beans were sold in a 'crocus bag' or burlap sack and since coffee grinders were often unavailable, beat with a stone until coarse. After a good smash-up the beans were poured into a pot and boiled over an open fire for approximately a half hour. Once a nice dark color was obtained, the entire brew was strained through a cotton cloth and poured into individual cups. The final touch was the addition of Betty Condensed Milk. This sticky, gooey substance is a staple in Jamaican pantries  and a welcome addition to everything from coffee to cornflakes to hardo (or hard dough) bread.  One sip of a sweet and thick Jamaican coffee and you'll be hooked. Over ice, and it's guaranteed~you will never order another Starbucks Frappuccino.

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