Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Thank you for being a friend}

I love the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Yes it is over-hyped. Especially since it's essentially a glamorized Mr. Softee truck. Despite those minor hitches this big square truck was a beacon of delight during my first summer in NYC while attending art school around Union Square. More times than I'd like to admit, I relinquished the coolly air conditioned coffee shops packed with students, faced the 100 percent August humidity, and searched the surrounding blocks for the Big Gay Truck. In those early days the lines weren't quite as long as they are now, but chances are you could still work up a good sweat simply contemplating between a cool, creamy and slightly crunchy Bea Arthur or my other favorite: the sweet and savory Salty Pimp. While I've since moved back to California, the guys at BGICT have proceeded to open a brick and mortar shop in the East Village. Most times during the summer, they can still be found around Manhattan in the truck--only now surrounded by a noticeably large crowd. Standing on the street on a scorching summer day though is still my favorite way to enjoy this Golden Girl.

To watch how to make a Bea Arthur click here ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{summer time..}

Thanks to DESIGNLOVEFEST for this post idea!

If you could own a summer house anywhere in the world...where would it be? This is a topic I have given hours and hours of thought...the ideas are endless! Would it be the iconic lavish beach house in East Hampton? Or a seaside spread on the shores of Boothbay Harbor? Edgartown in Martha's Vineyard? Truro on Cape Cod? Or how about a Lake retreat on Mackinac Island, MI? Or something international like Lake Como in Italy or Phuket in Thailand? If you had Jay and Bey's money...what would YOU buy??

How about Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler's Shelter Island retreat?
Or a Finger Lakes house like Thom Felicia's...?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

{I spy...}

With so many Aps for your phone nowadays offering so many options for picture taking, it's a refreshing change to actually get the chance to switch out a lens physically instead of digitally.   

The world of camera phones has just been re-invented by Bay Area company, Photojojo who are selling teeny little lenses for your i-phone or droid. The company offers a set of three: fisheye, telephoto and macro/wide angle lenses which attach by a magnetic ring to your device. Changing lenses is fun in itself: each one snaps satisfyingly onto it's rightful place. Your phone's picture taking ability is boosted by providing 2 x the zoom power with the telephoto, extra space on the sides and super close-ups with the wide angle/ macro and those artsy curved edges with the fisheye. String one {or all three} onto a silver or colored ball-chain and you have a funky, modern and utilitarian necklace.  All three lenses are sold as a kit for only $49.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

{Butter's Guide to Glamping}

Do you Glamp?
Strawberries & Cream Bell Tent www.theglamcampingcompany

Having extensively worked in and traveled around the birthplace of GLAMPING...
Kenya, East Africa, over the past two decades, it seems appropriate to compile a packing list intended for only the utmost, die-hard Glampers. The art of Glamping is the comfort and luxury factor. Everything should be Butter soft and tasty...

Interior of glamping tent

Official Glamping Beverage:
Sophia Coppola Blanc de Blanc in cans with matching pink straw

a necessity: warm hand muff

Ralph Lauren leather camp chair

L.L. Bean original Duck Boot

Acrylic wine glass

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm in the softest ballet pink 

Shade structure

Faux fur sleeping bag by Restoration Hardware

For gourmet s'mores use homemade marshmallows from Whole Foods and dark chocolate

Biking through a field of Poppies is very Glampy
cashmere arm warmer

L.L. Bean Signature

Silver tassel earplugs--to keep out all those annoying cricket sounds!

Chris Notti sleeping mask--because dawn is actually really bright
Nighty Night--and don't let those pesky bed bugs bite!