Saturday, July 28, 2012


Are you as addicted as I am?

There are so many fun things to do with Instagram pictures. 
With the help of a few apps, your creativity is just waiting to be unleashed...

Butter's Guide to Instagram fun:

Need some new or original art for your walls?
Bumblejax prints and mounts your Instagram (or any digital pic) on cool mediums like bamboo, Plexiglass, aluminum or foam. Real expensive looking artwork right from your iPhone!

Maybe your fridge is a little dull?
StickyGram turns your pics into cute little 2 inch x 2 inch magnets. You get a pack of 9 for only $14.99

How about a teeny spiral-bound mini-book?

Too busy to deal with buying post card stamps? Postagram will create a real post card (not digital) from your Instagram, iPhone or Facebook library and send it through the USPS. All you do is snap the picture.

How 'bout an iPhone case with your own pictures instead of some designers?

Or maybe you'd like to re-tile your bathtub or shower?

These teeny stickers are great for car windows, second quarter earnings reports and bathroom stalls (especially at the office).

Think the world should be wholly covered with your phone camera awesomeness? You can plaster virtually every surface with your i-phone pics using Instamaker. T-shirts, mugs and pillows are all possibilities.

Not interested in turning something digital into something physical? 
Maybe your favorite Instagram App is actually the same as mine:
InstaPuppy or InstaKitty. This little App shows only pics of dogs or cats found on Instagram. Keeping the slideshow playing in the corner of your monitor during a workday is found to dramatically boost productivity.*

*(tested, evaluated and substantiated by Sugarbear)

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