Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Back to school} {redux}

Jil Sander introduced a much talked about accessory for the 2012 Fall/Winter collection: a black leather lunch sack. At Butter we love a good mix of high and low-brow--but even I draw the line at a $630 price tag.

It got me thinking...I could probably whip up my own lunch sack with an even more glamorous aesthetic: gold pleather.  Read on for a Butter DIY...

I went to a local fabric store and bought a half yard of supple gold pleather and a fairly large gold snap. Everything else (pinking shears, scissors, glue, thread and mini sewing machine) I had around the house. 

Step 1. Fold your rich gold pleather with the good sides touching. 

Step 2. Sew two sides so that you have an inside-out pouch. 

Step 3. Use some pinking shears (aka zig zag scissors) and cut off the top for that 'lunch bag' effect

Step 4.  Turn it inside out, add a big gold snap and voila! You have a 
glamorous gold lunch sack suitable for carrying essentials for a night out OR a tuna on rye to the office.

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