Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Back to school}

When I was little I used to love back-to-school shopping. Light blue chinos, Bass brown leather wedge shoes, and a stick-pin in my turtle neck. (...anyone?)

I also loved filling my navy blue L.L. Bean backpack with school supplies: Trapper Keeper, Pee Chee folders and new no. 2 pencils.
I still use pencils during every workday. Presently it's the Mirado Black Warrior. I like these not only because of their sophisticated chic aesthetic but also because of their trustworthy erasers that don't dry out and just smear graphite all over the place. Now, however I may need to gently ask our mailroom guy, Stevie if he can place an order from Dallas based company, One Up Designs. After looking through their catalog of pencils I do believe there is one set for everyone.
Personally I'm especially partial to the Hipster Bingo and the Classic Rap sets. Of course I'm also automatically drawn (no pun intended) to the fuchsia Reasons I Love You Pink set as well.
What's your pencil saying about you today?

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