Sunday, November 11, 2012

{I LOVE being a girl}

This is the best post ever written {slightly edited for Butter readers}...thanks Buzzfeed!
16 ways to add *Glam* & *Glitz* to your life...

1. Make chocolate bling

2. OR...! 
Make any food sparkly with edible glitter

Get the recipe HERE

3. DIY Starbucks Glitter Travel Mug

Find out how HERE

4. Glitter Wallpaper

You can buy it HERE

 5. Make a glittery balloon

Here's HOW

6. Galaxy Play-Doh! for the kids 
(OR as a de-stress ball at work!)

Get the Galactic recipe HERE

7. Give yourself diamonds on the soles of your shoes

Learn how HERE

8. Walk on a glitter floor

Get the directions HERE

9. Glitz up your old sneakers

HERE'S the Tutorial

10. Glam up a cake

Find the recipe HERE

11. Glitter your heels

Get the tutorial HERE

Learn how to make glitter keys HERE

12. Make your own glitter polish

Get directions HERE

13. Glam up a wall

Get the tutorial HERE

14. Glitter your grandpa sweater

15. Bling out your Champers

16. Design a disco ball ring

Want the tutorial? Leave it to MARTHA

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