Saturday, January 12, 2013

{Sugar Rush}

Did you hear the news?

Donuts are the new cupcakes.

And even better...healthy donuts at that.

One shop offering original flavors and organic ingredients with no preservatives is the San Francisco based, Dynamo donut + coffee.

Having just recently opened their 2nd location in the city, the kiosk at Little Marina Green, donut lovers can pick-up their favorite flavor accompanied by a cup of Fourbarrel coffee six days a week. Flavors are thoughtfully created daily by a crew of bakers and founder Sara Spearin. A formally trained pastry chef, Sara's vision was to build a neighborhood bakery which only used the best ingredients and most unique flavor combinations. No French Cruller's or Boston Creme's here. Instead loyal customers flock to Dynamo for the Banana de Leche, Bacon Maple Apple, and a flavor I'm sure my favorite foodie friend Reagan will covet...the Monte Cristo: A donut filled with ham, Gruyere and house made jam. Ooh la la...!

Dynamo donut + coffee

Dynamo donut + coffee Bacon, Maple, Apple

Dynamo donut + coffee

Dynamo donut + coffee