Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Valentine DIY}

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Attention anyone reading: I would like a new LV 4-key holder in a pink or purple hued vernis or an LV Cles in the discontinued color of Violette vernis. If those are not possible than a bespoke box from Chocolatier Blue would be very good. If none of those come to fruition there is always a gift from the heart. In other words, DIY. And even better...DIY foodstuff.

Here are some DIY Valentine's Day foodstuff ideas for your {hungry} sweetheart.

no. 1
Heart shaped Bacon
Who doesn't love it?

no. 2
Pizza Heart
Use extra pepperoni to show your love and make the heart really red.
no. 3
Pancake Hearts
Keeping up wit the breakfast theme.   
no. 4
Sushi Love
For the raw fish lover...

no. 5
Sweetheart Steak
Not exactly DIY still have to cook it right? For my man...nothing would show my true devotion more than a Natural Prime Dry-Aged Sweetheart Steak from Lobel's of New York.

Here's hoping St. Valentine spears your heart this February 14..

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